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  1. hi flat foot runner!

    saw ur site in the blog roll of the bald runner.. 🙂 am from vibram fivefingers and am glad to tell you that we might be the solution to u being flat footed or at least strengthen ur feet and give u more comfort..

    fivefingers mimics the sensation of being barefoot but with the added protection.. because of its design, you get to stretch, and exercise muscles you normally dont get to use when wearing the traditional rubber shoes or even leather shoes. when it comes to running – impact is lighter and u landing with the ball of ur feet comes more naturally. it also improves body awareness, posture and strengthens muscles in feet and lower legs – which might improve ur game!

    Alan Webb, America’s greatest miler had injury problems with his feet.. he did strengthening drills in barefeet and his feet transformed from a size 12 to a 10.. this was because hi arch got higher..

    anyway, u can check out our website or to learn more about fivefingers and its benefits..

    feel free to drop by the store – we just opened last may 1 – at level R1 bridgeway, powerplant mall, rockwell

    have a good day and hope to meet u some day!

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