TBR Dream Marathon: Congratulations and Thank You

Still on a high after me and Suzanne (my wife) successfully finished our first marathon at the TBR Dream Marathon last Saturday at Nuvali, Laguna. So many ideas and stories running through our minds right now that we don’t even know where to begin. It may even take several entries to recount the wonderful experience of our ‘”BestEST First Marathon.”

But one thing that’s very clear to us is how overwhelmed we are by the event and how thankful we are for having been a part of it. So, let me start by expressing our sincerest thanks and congratulations to all who made the event possible.

Many Congratulations and Many Thanks to:

  • Jaymie, The Bull Runner, for conceptualizing and staging the Dream Marathon. I had planned to run my first marathon December 2010, but the Dream Marathon enticed me to deviate from my plan. There are times when my stubbornness leads to me trouble but the beginner’s marathon you put together was just perfect! The Dream Marathon was a marathon that treated beginners as VIPs; you provided us everything that we need and more – bull circles with the best of the best, bull sessions with the Second Wind team, Coach Jim’s beginner’s program, dream chasers and pacers and a safe and memorable event. Congratulations once again!
  • Coach Jim Lafferty for developing a fantastic beginner’s program and for endlessly motivating all dream marathoners. Your optimism and energy was contagious!
  • Dream Chasers, Pacers and Second Wind team for the encouragement and motivation. You call our names and tell us we’re doing okay – wow, hearing one’s name being cheered on is indeed a great boost! You endlessly tell us we’re doing a good job no matter how tired we are. You all lifted our spirits and helped us cross the finish line. (Our special thanks to my good friend and officemate Eric for cheering us on complete with banners – thanks man! And also to Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan for never failing to cheer runners whenever she passed by – in fact, I noticed Suzanne running faster whenever you cheered us on)
  • Takbo.ph for the cheers and support. You are such a fantastic group. We wanted to personally thank all of you but did not have the chance to. Hopefully, we get the chance to do that in future races and events. We hope to finally be a part of the Takbo.ph ‘class picture’ after a race.
  • Fellow Dream Marathoners for being very friendly and supportive. Everyone was supportive of each other – a friendly ‘good morning’ here and there, a warm ‘good luck’ here and there and countless bright smiles all over. Congratulations as well to all of you!
  • Hydration Station Support teams all volunteers for your unwavering support in ensuring that we are hydrated. Add the fact that you also cheered for us and motivated us to complete the marathon.
  • Co-Presenters and Sponsors for all the goodies you gave us. You really spoiled and pampered us! Thank you also for making the event a success.

Right this moment, both of us looking forward to next year’s TBR Dream Marathon. We are expressing our intent to help in any way we can. Count us in!

In conclusion, let me just say that it’s true what everybody says – that you’ll never forget your first marathon. And all of you made it possible for me and Suzanne. We are sincerely appreciative and grateful for all your help. Thank you for positively changing our lives.


Runless for 4 days now

For 4 days now, I have been stumped with work. For 4 days now, it has been 10 to 12 hour workdays. And for 4 days now, I’ve been runless.

I feel so deprived and guilty of not being able to indulge myself of a good run. I’m aching to wear and lace my running shoes and run for as long as I can. Heck, I’ve even been dreaming of nothing but running for 2 nights now.

I can’t wait for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday here I come!