Thank You Pres. Cory Aquino


Time Woman of the Year (Jan. 1987) 


“The Filipino is worth living for” – Pres. Cory Aquino

Today, at about 3:00 am Manila time, former president Cory Aquino passed away. It came as a shock to me when I turned on the television and the very first thing I heard was the news about Pres. Aquino. Like millions of Filipinos, I have also been praying for her recovery and hoping that she survices from cancer. It seems that, even if I do not personally know her or her family, a part of me feels sad and emotional.

A million Thank Yous. To Pres. Aquino, I thank you for championing democracy. I thank you for being the hero for all Filipinos. I thank you for being brave in the face of adversity. I was still very young when the EDSA revolution took place but I will never forget that me and my generation are the beneficiaries of democracy. You are truly a great leader and hero who exhibited humility, transparency and courage.

When I wake up early tomorrow morning, I will run and I will wear my iamninoy shirt and I will wear it proud — Proud for being a part of a wonderful community and iconic figure.

My condolences to the family and relatives of Pres. Aquino. Her legacy will live with all of us forever.


Home, At Last!

I’m so glad to be back home. I’m so glad to be out of the hospital. Actually, I was discharged as early as Sunday morning. It’s only now that I had the energy to resume blogging and catch up on the running scene.

Flashback to Mar. 20, Friday. Looking back, the feverish feeling started Friday afternoon. I had a lot of work that day so I didn’t mind the uncomfotable feeling. As the day wore on, I felt worse. I did feel that fever was indeed brewing. I still had enough energy to attend the Carbo Loading Party but when I got home, I checked and I indeed had fever, measuring 38.5C. I slept through it and drank paracetamol every 4 hours hoping that the fever would subside the following day.

Flashback to Mar. 21, Saturday. When I woke up the following day, the fever was gone. I thought that it was probably due to colds, which worsened overnight. I was happy as it meant that I can still run at the Condura Run. Brought my son to The Podium for a haircut and went back home. I had my afternoon nap and when I woke up, the fever was there again. I rested a bit more and even went to my grandmother’s house that night for dinner. It was at this point when I started to text my brother (he is a doctor at Medical Center Manila). After telling him of the on-and-off fever and of the joint pains, he advised me to go to the hospital to have my blood checked. The symptoms, he said, were consistent with Dengue Fever.

I went to MCM for the blood test. After several minutes of waiting, the unthinkable happened. My brother told me that I had to be confined as my platelet count was below the minimum (it was 146k at that time — below the minimum of 150k). I had no choice. I had to be confined.

A tough week of waiting, Mar. 22 to Mar. 29. From then on, it was a tough 1 week. It was indeed Dengue Fever. At first, the doctor was looking at the possibility of a viral infection since my fever only lasted 2 days. He also looked at the possibility of Typhoid Fever, but the blood test showed that it was negative.

I was now under serial monitoring of platelet count. This meant  twice a day blood extraction. My platelet count fluctuated for the entire week. We were encouraged when it increased to 124k, only to see it dropped again to as low as 74k (on Thursday night). We were actually looking at the possibility of blood transfusion if the platelet count dropped even further. Fortunately, on Friday morning, the platelet count started to increase again. It was 84k on Friday morning and 13ok on Friday afternoon. Then, on Saturday morning it was 132k and it was 184k on Saturday afternoon — finally breaching the minimum of 150k. The doctor gave me the discharge notice on Saturday night and I was finally able to go home on Sunday morning.

Relief. It was such a relief to have gotten over this ordeal. In a way, I was lucky enough that my case was confined to stage 1 where I did not exhibit bleeding. Furthermore, I was fortunate that I did not need blood transfusion. 

Many Thanks are in order. Through thig blog, I would like to sincerely thank a lot of people:

  • Thanks to the nurses and staff of Medical Center Manila who were very accommodating and friendly
  • Thanks to my officemates, friends and relatives who prayed for me and also volunteered to donate blood in case it was needed
  • Thanks to my family — my parents Henry & Malou, my brother Justin, my sister Nica, my lola Nena. They were with me everyday of my confinement. Thank you for sleeping at the hospital and for bringing food.
  • Thanks to my in-laws and the family of my wife. Their prayers and support were with me everyday.
  • Thanks to my brother, Dr. Jetz. Even in his busy schedule he always tried to stop by the room to see how I was doing.
  • Thanks to my wife for being there for me. Thank you for being there everyday as well. Thank you for taking a vacation leave to be at the hospital.
  • Thanks to Tita Becky, our ninang at our wedding. She created a prayer group for my speedy recovery.
  • Thanks to the sisters of Canossa who also prayed everyday for my safe and speedy recovery
  • Thanks to the Lord, our saviour. The one week of waiting was easier with faith and prayers.

I hope I did not forget to thank anybody. If I did, I’m sorry. I’ll continue resting for now. Istill feel weak but I’m getting there. It’ll take another 2 weeks for me to get back into running and other strenuous activities. Thanks again and Happy Running!

I’m FacebookeD

Aside from running, I have stumbled upon  another [good] vice…Facebook. It has been keeping me busy for several nights now. Busy (read: Addicted) enough for me not to post a blog entry for some days now.

Suzanne (wifey) has been encouraging me to sign-up to Facebook. One night I finally dragged my-lazy-self to the computer and created a Facebook account. True enough, it is a very good social networking site. I find it better than the other social networking sites. I find it easier and more seamless to use. I didn’t even notice that four-and-a-half hours had elapsed. (Wow, it was probably my longest time to be online!).

Here are just some of the things that I like about Facebook:

Easy to look for friends. After I finished with my profile, I was given a list of possible people I know who graduated from the same high school and college. There were more than 200 people listed. Instantly, I was able to ‘Add as friend’ about 100 people — friends I have not seen for the longest time, college friends and officemates. Ans as soon as they confirmed, I was given another list of possible friends that I may also know.

Status update by the second. Another feature that I like about Facebook is that the status can be changed easily. It starts with “Jan is…” and it’s up to you to continue and ‘express yourself’ for everybody to read. Then, your friends can comment on whatever your status is. You can update your status every minute, every hour; even every second. The day I signed up, I wrote in my status: “Jan is Addicted to Running.” After several minutes I received several comments from friends like ‘Wow!’, ‘Marathon man’ and some others.

Jan is...

Status: Jan is...

Become a Fan of. You can be a fan of a lot of things; from your favorite movies, books to your hobbies. Of course, I wouldn’t miss this chace to be a fan of anything related to running. Instantly, I became a fan of Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Runner’s World magazine, Garmin (even if I don’t have one yet) and

Fan of Garmin and Runner's World

Fan of Garmin and Runner's World

Join a Group. Aside from being a fan you can also join a group. I immediately joined the group of and some other running groups.

Fan of and Joined the group

Fan of and Joined the group

Promote a Cause. This is one thing that I find very appealing in Facebook. You can join a cause (e.g. charity, advocacy, etc.) and invite your friends to join or donate to that particular cause. It’s a very good way to ‘pay it forward’ so to speak. There are thousands of causes and institutions to choose from For now, I have joined the Gawad Kalinga cause.

Join and/or Donate to your chosen cause

Join, Invite and/or Donate to your chosen cause

My Nike+ Mini. Facebook allows me to add my Nike+ Mini to my page. Perhaps, this is also one of the reasons why I created a Facebook account. I tried to include it here in wordpress, but it’s not allowed. It’s a pretty good way to encourage some of my friends to get into running as well.

My Nike+ Mini in action

My Nike+ Mini in action

In Facebook, I have another tool to spread the running fever. Hopefully, I can encourage some, if not all, of my friends and realtives to go into running.

Happy Running (and a little bit of Facebook-ing)!