1st RUNniversary: Accidental 10K-er

August 17, 2009 marked the first year of my destiny with running. How time flies so fast. I didn’t even notice it until my friend reminded me when we were at the Kenny’s Urbanite Run. In effect, the Kenny’s event became my pre-anniversary 15K run.

A Flashback to August 17, 2008: The 2008 Men’s Health 10,000 KM Miracle Run 

It all started with email invites between me and my officemates. Back then, we probably had no idea what we were getting into. The obvious reason was that running was good for the health. It was a great start. Twelve of us eventually joined the run. We all had designated partners to run 5K each (race rules allowed 2 runners to run 5k each to complete 10K).

Excited for our very firts race Excited for our very first race

Epitome of a Rookie Runner. Back then, I felt like a college freshman. It was new territory. It was overwhelming. I did not know anything about running, except to set the treadmill speed between 9 to 12 kph. The only thing I wore that was related to running was the MH T-shirt. Other than that, you can immediately say that I was a rookie runner – basketball shorts, cross-trainers and a chronograph watch.

My Miracle Run. Come race day, I suddenly found myself without a partner as he couldn’t make it. It was 5 minutes before race start so I decided quickly to just run 10K. I didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. My mindset then was more of ‘bahala na’ as I was there anyway or I can always stop if anything went wrong. Even if I knew nothing about pacing then, I thought it best to run moderately during the first 5K and, hopefully, have enough left for the last 5K. It all didn’t go well as planned as I was very tired by the 7K or 8K mark. The only thing that kept me going was I wanted to finish regardless of the time. Fortunately, I made it! I finished my first 10K.

A blessing in disguise. Looking back it was a blessing in disguise. It was the kind of start that gave me the confidence, motivation and habit to continue running. I’d call it my destiny with running. My miracle run.

Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished
Winners in our own right Winners in our own right

Special Thanks to Patrick Oliveros for the pictures.


Time to run again!

After about 2 months, it’s about time I get back to running again. The last run event I joined was the RUNew on Feb. 22. Since then, I haven’t been running. First, I had the Quadriceps Tendinitis and was told to rest for 3-4 weeks. Then, on the weekend of the Condura Run, I had Dengue Fever. After a week in the hospital, I had to rest for another 2 weeks to regain strength.

It was a very tough 2 months. I missed a lot of running events, most especially the Condura Run. But looking back, I realize that it was a much needed rest. The injury is fully healed. I have regained the strength from the hospitalization.

Now, I am committed more than ever to resume running and get back on the right track. I guess, it’s “back to zero” for me. I was advised to take it easy for the first 2 weeks to get the muscles acquainted to running again. Other than that, I need to read some more on how to get back properly.

I would take this week as a “warm-up” week. Run easy — say 2k to 5K — at a slow pace. Then, I would attend the Nike clinic starting next week to seek advise on a proper program. Hopefully, everything falls into place and I get to join a run event sooner rather than later.

But first, I need to remind myself to bring my gym bag. This is my “boo-boo” for the second time this week. I must have gotten used to the “no running” schedule that I forgot to bring my running apparel again. I forgot it last Monday and I forgot it again today. Uh oh! It’s really stupidity at its best! Haha! This time around, I have set an alarm so I wouldn’t forget to prepare it tonight.

By the way, belated Happy Easter! As always, Happy Running!

Finally, a blog!

At long last, I finally started with my own blog. I had intended to start with this as far back as August 2008 when I started and got hooked with running. Unfortunately, laziness got in the way. The good thing though is that I continued running. I even composed some write-ups of every run that I participated in last year as I had planned to blog them. But I won’t be posting each of the write-ups anymore. That would be quite boring right? Perhaps, a new post summarizing my 2008 runs would be shorter and more appropriate.

Well, I hope you get to enjoy and read along. Cheers and Happy Running!