2010 Running Goals

“All My Life, I’ve had one dream…To Achieve My Many Goals!” — Homer Simpson

The quote above sounds good enough…I guess? Well, it’s Homer — our favorite hilarious, beer-chugging dad. Somehow, he manages to say some really relevant things. 

A belated Happy New Year to all of you. I’m sure glad that I’m back to blogging. My goodness, it’s been about a month since my last blog entry! I have been consumed with a lot of things that I haven’t found time to write. All that will change now.

First things first – PLAN & SET GOALS. For this year, I aim to accomplish the following:

  • Lose 15 more pounds. This goal is very essential in my quest to finish a full marathon. When I started running 21K, the more I felt the disadvantage of being heavy. It felt like I’m carrying dumbbells while running. I’m making this my number 1 priority at the moment!
  • Run a full marathon (42K) regardless of the time. This is it! The thought of it scares and excites me. But running a full marathon is what most, if not all, of us aim for. Furthermore, finishing a 42K opens up an opportunity for me to move forward and train for an ultramarathon on 2011.
  • Run a sub-2 hour 21K. Last year, it was ‘almost but not quite.’ I got close to a sub-2 hour finish time during the Adidas KOTR but cramps got in the way. This year, I’m hopeful I’d be able to achieve it.
  • Run a sub-50 minute 10K. I was not able to accomplish this goal last year. After the 2-month layoff, I just concentrated on getting back in running shape and making sure I remained injury-free.
  • Run a 5K in 20 to 24 minutes. Similar to my 10K, this was another goal I failed to accomplish last year. This year, I’d attempt to finally accomplish it.
  • Consistently integrate core exercises, cross-training and leg strengthening into my training. The operative word here is ‘consistently.’ Last year, I just didn’t give much importance to these 3 important exercises. I sure got lucky as I remained injury-free towards the second half of 2009. But I can’t leave anything to chance.
  • Consistently update my blog. I may have just won the ‘worst blog’ award. I feel bad for not updating my blog for a week, what more for a month. Like I said, all that will change.

Well, that’s all for now. This is it! The clock is ticking! Good luck to all runners! Cheers and Happy Running!


January 2009: A Great Start

I can’t believe that it’s now the end of the month. January blew by so fast. Looking back, it has been a very good running month for me. My approach for the new year and this month was to take things slowly and conservatively. It was the best way to go, especially after coming back from an injury and from a month-long running lay-off.

And I’m so glad that the approach paid off. I found myelf running consistently every week and I think I am on course to run a 21K by March 2009. I credit this to the training at the Nike Running Clinic. As much as possible, I try to attend the weekly sessions. And if I am not able to attend, I somehow try to compensate by running at the treadmill or elsewhere (e.g. UP, Fort).

Aside from my 2009 goals, I have also set some monthly goals (although I was not able to blog about it), such as:

  • Run 80 km. this month
  • Run at least 20 km. per week
  • Attend the Nike Running Clinic every week
  • Finish the Happy Run within 1h25m to 1h30m

Fortunately, I was able to accomplish most of my goals:

  • I ran a total of 103 km. this month. (Captured the screenshots at my Nike+ and Daily Mile pages).
  • I was able to run at least 20 km. for the first 3 weeks of January. The last week of January was a recovery week based from the Nike Running Clinic program.
  • I was able to finish the Happy Run with an official time of 1h23m.
  • As a bonus, I was able to join at The North Face Thrill of the Trail Run run (10K). This was my very first trail run and it was a fantastic experience.
Run 80KM (from my Nike+ page)

January Goal: Run 80KM (from my Nike+ page)

103KM (From my Daily Mile page)

January Total: 103KM (From my Daily Mile page)

Needs Improvement (I also need to improve on some goals):

  • Consistently attend the Nike Running Clinic. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend 4 sessions this month due to work-related and personal reasons. Hopefully, I can improve my attendance and participation in the clinic.
  • Don’t forget cross-training activities. When I got back to running this month, I try to do cross-training activities (e.g. bike, glidex, combat classes at the gym) at least once per week. Due to my own shortcomings (read: laziness), I skipped cross-training for 2 weeks (2nd & 3rd week of January). Knowing how important cross-traning is, I got back to it during the 4th week of January. I should improve on this for February.

I’ve got lots of ways to go and I’m just very happy that this month was a great start!

Cheers and Happy Running!

2009 Running Goals and Wish Lists

A new running year begins. A new running shoe (hopefully, to keep the injury away). A net sew of running goals to guide me for the rest of the year.


In a nutshell, all my 2009 running goals aim to eclipse my times last year, to follow an organized weekly schedule and to compete in new run events. I have some wish lists as well in case I get the opportunity to accomplish them.


Here’s a rundown of my 2009 running goals:


Run at least 20K a week and/or 80K a month. I plan to maximize the opportunity to attend the Nike Running Clinic. I was not able to attend any clinics last December due an injury and I hope to catch up and train consistently every week and every month.


Run a 10K between 45 to 50 minutes. I hope to be able to break the 50-minute mark. If I can do that in a lot of 10K runs, the better.


Run a 5K between 18-24 minutes. The ideal goal is to break the 20-minute mark. But the closest I have come last year is 24 minutes. So, I hope that I can surpass that.


Run a 21K and/or a 25K. This is foremost on my mind for this year. I want to finish a 21K regardless of the time. If there will be another 25K run similar to the New Balance run at Clark, then I want to finish a 25K as well.


Run outside Metro Manila. If there is another 25K New Balance run at Clark this year, then I can accomplish 2 goals altogether. Hopefully, there will also be other run events in nearby areas (driving distance) such as Laguna, Cavite, Subic Bay and some others. It doesn’t have to be a run event. A practice run will also qualify for my goal.


Some of my wish lists include:


Run at an international event. Hopefully, I have enough budget to join the Singapore marathon.


Run a 42K. I have read a lot of marathons being organized and planned for this year. If I get to prepare well for this, then I might make a go at it towards the second half of the year.

Buy a Garmin. Again, this is dependent on my budget. Hopefully, I can save enough to buy this most sought-after gadget.


There you have it. With the proper training, consistency and dedication, I am hopeful that I can attain these goals.


Come to think of it, this is the first step in achieving my running goals for the year. By writing it down, I know that I am more pressured to accomplish these goals.

Happy Running!