About FlatFoot Runner

I am Jan, the FlatFoot Runner.


I started running last August 2008 and since then, I was hooked and addicted – I joined every scheduled weekend runs (read my 2008 runs here), I checked out running blogs every night, I always reset my car’s odometer to measure distances and I had set aside a drawer for my race bibs and singlets.


It was time to get out of the treadmill; to enjoy and discover the challenges of the road and of nature. True enough, it didn’t take long for me to discover the poetry of running – the adrenaline rush, the early wake-up calls, the struggle from fatigue and the pursuit of personal records.


My blog is inspired by the fact that I am flat-footed (it’s a give-away isn’t it?) and the lessons I learned from it. Towards the end of 2008, I found out for myself how important it is to use the appropriate running shoe for my foot type. An Achilles Tendonitis and an inflammation under my big left toe kept me away from running for about a month, missing all the weekend races of December. It was because I was using the wrong pair of running shoes all along.


Now, with the lessons learned and with a new pair of shoes, I am back on the road and freely relishing new running experiences and adventures.


I intend to consistently pursue running as a habit of my life; to share this same passion, to be healthy for my wife and son and, in time, to do something meaningful that would benefit a lot of people.


Cheers and Happy Running!


17 Responses

  1. Nice blog, Jan.

    hope to be able to join a trail race too in the future.

    Run safe..

    Thanks! Yes, do please join a trail race. It’s fun and relaxing. Let us know if you’re joining. Perhaps, we can all meet up and run the trail together. Happy Running!

  2. Hi Jan. I saw your blog in takbo.ph and wanted to stop by and say hello. You do have a nice blog.

    There are a number of bloggers that I know and have met while I was vacationing in the Philippines in November. Their stories are amazing like yours.

    Anyway, congratulations on the latest race at the Happy Run. Hopefully when I return to the Philippines this December, I’ll get a chance to meet you as well. Take care and have a safe and healthy 2009!

    Hi Wayne. Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes. Right now, I’m just making sure to stay healthy and injury-free. Yes, I did see you in the pictures of the other bloggers like the bullrunner. I look forward to meet you when you visit this December. Have a very good 2009 as well.

  3. Hi, Flatfoot!
    Quick question: I wanted to ask about where you got your running shoes. My boyfriend’s flatfooted too. We want to get into running soon and I’m afraid he’ll injure himself without the right gear. Hope you can share your advice. Thanks!

    Hi Bel. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I got mine at Nike Bonifacio High Street. Their best running shoe for the flat-footed is the Nike Air Equalon +3 (you can also use the Nike+ Sportsband or Nike+ iPod with this shoe if you have one). I was also advised that the New Balance 1224 is a very good pair for the flat-footed. I saw some stocks at New Balance Shangri-La mall. You may also try the Mizuno store at BHS; they also have some very good pairs there (this is something I was not able to do. I only learned about Mizuno when I had bought my Nike shoes). Good luck and happy hunting. See you both in the upcoming runs. Happy Running!

  4. Thanks so much, Jan! I’ll drag him to the shops you mentioned.

  5. Hi There,
    I have Flat Right foot. I use tredmill.
    I have bought Puma-Voltaic Women’s. Till today it feels good to me but I am planing to run outside too. Is it good for me? Please advice.


    Hi Reno. Thanks for dropping by. I apologize that I don’t have an answer to your query. Unfortunately, I have not done any readings about Puma yet. But I would recommend that you visit the site of Running Shoe Guru: http://arunnerscircle.wordpress.com/

    He was very helpful to me in my search of an appropriate running shoe. He has been in the running shoe business for over a decade. You can drop him a question and he’ll surely accommodate your query.

    Good luck in your runs. Run safe and Happy Running!

  6. Hello fellow flat-footed runner. I, however, had mine supposedly corrected with the most hideous corrective shoes during high school no less! Ugh~ Anyway, I hope you ended up running in the 21K Skyway. It was truly an experience! =)

    Hi Janine. Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I as not able to participate at the Condura Run as I was hospitalized. I’m glad you had a good run at Condura. Cheers to that! 🙂 Happy Running!

  7. Flat-foot runner!

    This was a nice blog. I am inspired and continue to pursue of what I want in running. We have the same objective right know. I am knuck-knee (pike) but practicing and loving the road is a challenge for me, Anyway, I register to Happy Feet club. I hope I could meet some members in person to seek advice and train with them.

    I am currently joining races and running for 5k. Ill keep posted! Thanks and Godbless!!!

    Good Job!


    Hi Sappy! Thanks for dropping by and for the vote of confidence. I also have a friend who’s registered at Happy Feet. His name’s Ivan; although I don’t know if he’s active at the club. Just continue training and I’m sure you’d be able to run longer and faster. Hope to see you in future races. Good luck and Happy Running!

  8. Hey jan ur d man! it is wise of you to link our blog. Good job!

  9. Hi Jan! I’m a newbie runner and I have problematic feet. Haha! In fact, I’m going to have them checked later because of chronic pains. How I envy runners with “normal” feet!

    I had bought my LunarGlider even before I learned about pronation and stuff. I hope I don’t need to change shoes yet because haven’t ROI-ed on my Nikes yet. 🙂

    Hi Kate! Yes, it’s good to have them checked so as not to incur injuries. Normal/neutral, high arch or flat footed, I know it won’t stop you from enjoying running. Do run safely and injury-free. All the best to you! 🙂

  10. Hi flatfoot runner. I experienced the same in my old pair of running shoes. But after trying the gait analysis at Runnr, I was instructed to change to stability shoes. Haven’t experienced any injury since then.

    • Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Good to know you’re injury-free. Using the right pair of running shoes makes a whole lot of difference. Run safe!

  11. Hi Jan: I started a new blog and included yours in my blogroll. I would be honored if you could add mine to yours. Thanks a lot.
    The Scientist Runner

    • Thanks for dropping and for adding me in your blogroll. Also added you in my blogroll as well. See you in races! Happy Running! 🙂

  12. Hi, Jan!

    I’m Ro of Summit Media (Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Runner’s World). We’re having a dry-run for the Men’s Health All Terrain Race (actual race happening May 16) next Saturday, May 1, at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa. We’re having some bloggers try out the new course. Run starts at 5:30AM, followed by a short presscon and breakfast. 🙂 We would like to invite you to come if you’re free.

    We have a shuttle going to Sta. Rosa if you would like to ride with us.

    Here’s my email address: ro[dot]manalo[at]gmail.com


  13. Hi!

    We’d like to invite you to join the Chris Sports Epic Relay on June 12 in Subic!

    You may visit the official Epic Relay page (http://site.epicrelay.info) for more information regarding the race, and visit the Chris Sports website (www.chrissports.net) to download the Registration Forms.

    Alternatively, we can send you the forms via email. Just drop us a line at chrissports.webmktg@gmail.com. Thanks!

  14. Hey Jan! Wow, I love your blog. Go and spread the Good News of running.

    St. Paul describes the life as running the race (Heb 12, 1-3) and 1 Cor 9, 24 “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”

    God bless you always! Go run!

    • Hi Fr. JBoy. Thanks for stopping by to see my running blog. I also browsed your blog and I hope you don’t mind me including it in my blogroll. I hope you will also try out the sport of running. I’ll just be here in case you need company.

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