The “M” Word

Gulp?! Dare I say it? I get tense, jittery, edgy and anxious with just the thought of it. You can even collate all the words synonymous to being nervous and it may not be enough to describe how I feel. Yikes!

Gulp?! Am I really doing this? Being the planner and sometimes obsessive-compulsive individual, I get the feeling that I’m rushing this.

Gulp?! So, this is it! The Marathon beckons!

The Initial Plan

Running a marathon is one of my goals for this year. But the plan was to do it second half of the year. I’m looking at QCIM or, if there’s an opportunity, the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon. Like a slow warming diesel engine, I figured I should spend at least 6 months training for it. My injuries have been well chronicled in this blog and I am wary that forcing the issue might not be a good idea.

Opportunity Knocks

Then again, this flat foot runner can be quite stubborn. I may adhere to a conservative plan, but my thought bubble is already filled with aggressive plan B’s and C’s. It’s the kind of thing that sometimes gets me in trouble. But I can’t resist the opportunity that came knocking. It’s too good and too enticing to pass up.

My First Marathon

As such, I took the plunge. Come May 22, I’ll be running my first marathon. I have signed-up for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon at Nuvali, Laguna. It’s a marathon conceptualized, of course, by TBR and it’s targeted mainly to first-time marathon runners – like me!

I’ve always read and heard that a runner will always remember his or her first marathon. Somehow, I’m starting to understand better what they mean. The journey to the marathon is just as important as running it. And I’m in the journey now…lovin’ and enjoyin’ every minute of it. Quite soon, I’ll complete this journey and I can’t wait to tell my story.