A Busy February

A busy February running month awaits all of us. Several big runs are scheduled every weekend of February. The kind of ‘big runs’ that are much anticipated with the hype and the well-known corporate sponsors. I sure am excited and raring to go!


The Condura Run 2010 – Run For the Dolphins 

Condura Run 2010

When: February 7, 2010, Sunday 

Where: Fort Bonifacio 

Distance: 3K/5K/10K/21K/42K; 21K & 42K will run through Skyway 

Status: Registered (21K)  

I’ve been looking forward to this race since last year. I wallowed in the hospital as the first race to run through the Skyway was being held. I fervently hoped for another opportunity to run through Skyway. And thanks to Condura, I’ll get to run there for the first time.  


The North Face (TNF) Thrill of the Trail – Nuvali 


When: February 14, 2010, Sunday 

Where: Nuvali, Laguna 

Distance: 11K/22K/11K Couples 

Status: Registered (11K couples run with Suzanne, my wife) 

It is officially our Valentine’s Day date. The first race where we’ll run side by side up to the finish. It will be my third trail run and Suzanne’s first. 

I enjoy trail runs. I enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. I don’t worry about setting a PR; I don’t even mind the time. When I joined last year’s TNF Thrill of the Trail at Nasugbu, Batangas, I was even carrying a digital camera to capture every moment of my first trail run. This year will not be an exception – we’ll be on a chillax and picture-taking pace.  


Century Superbods Run 2010 (RunRio Trilogy Leg 1) 


When: February 21, 2010, Sunday 

Where: Fort Bonifacio 

Distance: 3K/5K/10K/21K 

Status: Not Registered Yet (Will register for 21K) 

If there’s a 21K category, I’ll most likely join that race. It’s my favorite distance category nowadays. I figure it will help me a lot in my weight-loss goal. Plus, I need to consistently log miles as I start preparing for a full marathon this year. 


There you have it. Some great runs we can look forward to. Good luck and Happy Running!


2010 Running Goals

“All My Life, I’ve had one dream…To Achieve My Many Goals!” — Homer Simpson

The quote above sounds good enough…I guess? Well, it’s Homer — our favorite hilarious, beer-chugging dad. Somehow, he manages to say some really relevant things. 

A belated Happy New Year to all of you. I’m sure glad that I’m back to blogging. My goodness, it’s been about a month since my last blog entry! I have been consumed with a lot of things that I haven’t found time to write. All that will change now.

First things first – PLAN & SET GOALS. For this year, I aim to accomplish the following:

  • Lose 15 more pounds. This goal is very essential in my quest to finish a full marathon. When I started running 21K, the more I felt the disadvantage of being heavy. It felt like I’m carrying dumbbells while running. I’m making this my number 1 priority at the moment!
  • Run a full marathon (42K) regardless of the time. This is it! The thought of it scares and excites me. But running a full marathon is what most, if not all, of us aim for. Furthermore, finishing a 42K opens up an opportunity for me to move forward and train for an ultramarathon on 2011.
  • Run a sub-2 hour 21K. Last year, it was ‘almost but not quite.’ I got close to a sub-2 hour finish time during the Adidas KOTR but cramps got in the way. This year, I’m hopeful I’d be able to achieve it.
  • Run a sub-50 minute 10K. I was not able to accomplish this goal last year. After the 2-month layoff, I just concentrated on getting back in running shape and making sure I remained injury-free.
  • Run a 5K in 20 to 24 minutes. Similar to my 10K, this was another goal I failed to accomplish last year. This year, I’d attempt to finally accomplish it.
  • Consistently integrate core exercises, cross-training and leg strengthening into my training. The operative word here is ‘consistently.’ Last year, I just didn’t give much importance to these 3 important exercises. I sure got lucky as I remained injury-free towards the second half of 2009. But I can’t leave anything to chance.
  • Consistently update my blog. I may have just won the ‘worst blog’ award. I feel bad for not updating my blog for a week, what more for a month. Like I said, all that will change.

Well, that’s all for now. This is it! The clock is ticking! Good luck to all runners! Cheers and Happy Running!