No Doughnuts for A Month

Yep, for a whole month I swear and promise and vow not to eat doughnuts and, who knows, it might as well extend for 2 more months.  No, it’s not because of any doctor’s order. It’s not because of a diet regimen, although it would surely help. It’s actually because of doughnuts overload yesterday.

I joined the REACH Fun Run yesterday. There’s a twist to this event — it’s a run and eat race. First, we had to run 2.5K to the challenge zone. Second, complete the challenge of eating 4 Krispy Kreme honey-glazed doughnuts. Third and last, run 2.5K again to the finish line. It’s a one of a kind run event that turned out to be not as easy as I thought.

The first 2.5K run. The race started a little over 7am, which would have been a late call time but the weather cooperated. A bit sunny and a bit of a cool weather at the start, probably because of a little drizzle early in the morning. I got there early, registered and did a 1K warm-up run around BHS. The race started and I ran at a good 4″ 30′ pace. I figured, it was best to run faster in the first leg than in the second leg. I reached the challenge zone without any hassles and got my small box of 4 Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Eating time. Eating the first doughnut was easy. It’s the second, third and fourth doughnut that took its toll on me. As I’ve mentioned, eating the 4 doughnuts was harder than I thought. What more if it had been half a dozen as previously planned. Eating the doughnuts took a lot of my time. By the time I finished the second doughnut, I felt full. By the time I finished the fourth doughnut, I felt heavy. Just by eating 4 doughnuts, I finished 300 ml of water. The sweetness of the doughnuts really lingered in my mouth.

The last 2.5K run. As much I wanted to run at a similar 4″ 30′ pace, my body was not willing. I guess, the sugar boost did not work for me. Feeling full and heavy, I decided to run the final 2.5K at an easy and moderate pace.

Overall, it was an ejoyable run. I don’t know if I would do it again. Probably better to ask me again in a month or two. Right now, I just don’t want any doughnuts.


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