Humbled by the trail

First off, it’s good to be back blogging. It’s been a month and a half and my hands have been itching to type and blog about something. Work and a defective laptop kept me away from wordpress (can’t sneak an entry at the office too).

Back in Running Shape

One thing’s for sure, I was running and running and running. I may not have been joining weekend races, but I surely was running. After the injury and the hospotalization, it took me a while to get back into running. The entire month of May was a very good running month for me — running at least 3x a week, running pain-free and most of all, I decided to take it easy and not rush into any long distances (10K above).

I also had the chance to join my first race — the IE8 Run. It was a perfect day for running. Cool and chilly weather with a bit of a drizzle. I took it easy and ran 4 miles (6.44K) finishing it in 36 min. and 01 sec. I was supposed to join the Mizuno Run but a very bum stomach forced me to stay home; although, later on I found out that it was a time trial for the January Mizuno run, which really made me feel worse.

The Men’s Health All-Terrain Run

This was my first race for the month of June, not to mention my first 15K since the February RUNew event. With the good build-up in May, I decided that it was time to run 15K. Plus, it was a trail run and I wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Besides, the plan was to run the trail in LSD pace, which I did.

I was very nervous before the start of the race. For one, as I had mentioned, it was my first 15K in a long time. Then, I was not wearing trail running shoes so I feared that I might get into an accident. It became very comforting when I finally saw familiar faces. I was able to shake the nervousness by chatting with them and sharing some good laughs.

I will not get into every detail of the run except to say that it was a good and bad run for me. Good because I enjoyed running in the trail — the scenic route, the challenge of running through mud and curvy path, the smell of tress and greens. Bad because it became a disappointing race for me — I was running okay for the first 11 kms. but after that it was all cramps, cramps and cramps. I slipped a bit in a muddy area; didn’t fall but I felt my left leg stretched uncomfortably. There it was. As I started to run again after the slip, I felt the cramps on my entire left leg. I stopped, stretched and walked a while. I got to run again but on the 13K mark, it was the turn of my entire right legs. From then on, I couldn’t run. The moment I tried to, cramps would creep in again. Alas, I literally walked for the last 2 kms. I was a bit disappointed with myself; in fact, I felt a bit ashamed as I was walked towards the finish line. In the end, I finished it in 2hrs. 36 min.

In retrospect, my experience at the MH run gave me more confidence to do better on the next race. I did prepare well enough for the 15K but I guess, I tapered off too much on the week leading to the trail run. I promised myself never to let it happen again. On the next race, I will make sure I finish it running.

Cheers and Happy Running!


2 Responses

  1. maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a lot of runners and runner bloggers are coming off from “off-periods” nowadays. been seeing activities in lots of blogs which have been inactive in a while. anyway, the more the merrier! glad to see another member of the community get back on the road(or trail)

    Hi Wilson, yes it was a bit of a long layoff from blogging. But good to be back blogging now. Good luck and see you in future races.

  2. Hi Jan. Congratulations on the comeback. Nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about. Cramps do happen and with runners that have been running awhile. Definitely, it was good that you finished.

    Good to see you back running and blogging. Take care and have a good weekend.

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