Time to run again!

After about 2 months, it’s about time I get back to running again. The last run event I joined was the RUNew on Feb. 22. Since then, I haven’t been running. First, I had the Quadriceps Tendinitis and was told to rest for 3-4 weeks. Then, on the weekend of the Condura Run, I had Dengue Fever. After a week in the hospital, I had to rest for another 2 weeks to regain strength.

It was a very tough 2 months. I missed a lot of running events, most especially the Condura Run. But looking back, I realize that it was a much needed rest. The injury is fully healed. I have regained the strength from the hospitalization.

Now, I am committed more than ever to resume running and get back on the right track. I guess, it’s “back to zero” for me. I was advised to take it easy for the first 2 weeks to get the muscles acquainted to running again. Other than that, I need to read some more on how to get back properly.

I would take this week as a “warm-up” week. Run easy — say 2k to 5K — at a slow pace. Then, I would attend the Nike clinic starting next week to seek advise on a proper program. Hopefully, everything falls into place and I get to join a run event sooner rather than later.

But first, I need to remind myself to bring my gym bag. This is my “boo-boo” for the second time this week. I must have gotten used to the “no running” schedule that I forgot to bring my running apparel again. I forgot it last Monday and I forgot it again today. Uh oh! It’s really stupidity at its best! Haha! This time around, I have set an alarm so I wouldn’t forget to prepare it tonight.

By the way, belated Happy Easter! As always, Happy Running!


2 Responses

  1. Welcome back to running! Glad to hear you’ve recovered from dengue. All the running injuries are nothing compared to dengue. Take it easy and see you on the road.

    Thanks TBR. The time off has allowed me to fully recover from dengue and from the injury. I’m taking it easy and so far, so good. Happy Running and see you on the road as well!

  2. Hi Jan. Good to hear that you’re back running. It’s no fun when there’s a recovery but it makes us appreciate it when we’re out there.

    Take care and hope everything’s well!

    Thanks Wayne. I’m starting all over again. But it’s no biggie. As long as I’m running, I’m fine.

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