Condura Run: 21K or 10K?

This is the dilemma that I am going through right now — will I run 21K or 10K for the 2009 Condura Run?

I have been on a sabbatical from running since Feb. 23 due to Quadriceps Tendonitis (QT). That’s 3 weeks of no running. The most that I have done was to cross-train using the stationary bike for 3 times a week at an easy to moderate intensity. And just last week, at least I was able to use the glidex for 3 days.

I did try ro run once last week at the treadmill. I ran 1 km. and I felt good. There was a bit of pain when I was starting to run but it eventually went away. More importantly, there was no pain after my run and there was no pain the day after. Furthermore, my legs felt strong and I think I could have continued but decided not to.

I have various concerns right now about running 21K. One, with 3 weeks of no running I might not have enough endurance to finish it. Two, I think there is a high probability of me having leg cramps. Three, and most important, it might not be good to run that long with the injury I just had. I might end up being injured again and endure some more weeks of no running. I certainly don’t want that to happen.

So, going back — 21K or 10K? Actually, I have not yet registered for 10K, so it’s still 21K right now. But I will try to register for the 10K just in case I cannot really run 21K. Tomorrow, I will run and see how my legs respond and take it from there. Whatever it is, I just don’t want to miss this run event.

Good luck to all runners joining the Condura Run this Sunday. Happy Running!

PS: Registration for the Condura Run is extended until Mar. 20, Friday. This is only applicable at Nike Bonifacio High Street.


2 Responses

  1. 21K!

    Just take it easy, we have 3.5 hrs cutoff so even if you walked for the most part you’d still be within the cutoff time. It’s a rare opportunity to run on the SkyWay!


    Hehe, I’ll see my friend. The lure of the Skyway is also what’s keeping from deciding otherwise. Good luck on your 21K. Happy Running! 🙂

  2. same here. go for the 21K.
    we may never be able to run the Skyway again. 😦

    Hi. Yes, I agree, the lure of the Skyway is what’s making me consider carefully. It’ll be a last minute decision on Saturday. Hehe. Good luck and Happy Running! 🙂

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