On to RUNew

Another great running weekend is upon us. Another great fun of running at McKinley Hill. Time to practice more uphill and downhill runs for this weekend’s RUNew.
His & Hers
I am glad that Suzanne (wifey) is joining me for this run. I’ll be running 15K and she’ll be running 3K. This is her first step in joining more runs in the future and I surely hope that she enjoys her run at McKinley.

His & Hers
His & Hers

The 15K Route

Hats off to Coach Rio for giving us a very challenging (and intimidating? Gulp!) 15K route. There are hardly any flat roads in the route. Right off the bat, I can say that a PR is quite impossible. Just the same, I will certainly enjoy the route and beautiful scenery at Heritage Park.

The 3K and 5K routes are no easy picking either. It’s also mostly uphill and downhill. Looks like wifey will also have a challenging start to running.

You may download the 3K/5K/15K high-res routes at RunRio.

RUNew 15K Route

RUNew 15K Route

Registration Still Open

So hurry up and register at Nike Bonifacio High Street. Plus, I just found out that you may pay an additional Php 500 for the breakfast buffet after the run. Unfortunately I was not able to inquire about the menu. You may call Nike BHS (856-2586/87) for more info about the buffet.

Good luck, run safe and Happy Running!


One Response

  1. Goodluck to you and your wifey. See you at the race.

    See you there too Sir Jinoe.

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