I’m FacebookeD

Aside from running, I have stumbled upon  another [good] vice…Facebook. It has been keeping me busy for several nights now. Busy (read: Addicted) enough for me not to post a blog entry for some days now.

Suzanne (wifey) has been encouraging me to sign-up to Facebook. One night I finally dragged my-lazy-self to the computer and created a Facebook account. True enough, it is a very good social networking site. I find it better than the other social networking sites. I find it easier and more seamless to use. I didn’t even notice that four-and-a-half hours had elapsed. (Wow, it was probably my longest time to be online!).

Here are just some of the things that I like about Facebook:

Easy to look for friends. After I finished with my profile, I was given a list of possible people I know who graduated from the same high school and college. There were more than 200 people listed. Instantly, I was able to ‘Add as friend’ about 100 people — friends I have not seen for the longest time, college friends and officemates. Ans as soon as they confirmed, I was given another list of possible friends that I may also know.

Status update by the second. Another feature that I like about Facebook is that the status can be changed easily. It starts with “Jan is…” and it’s up to you to continue and ‘express yourself’ for everybody to read. Then, your friends can comment on whatever your status is. You can update your status every minute, every hour; even every second. The day I signed up, I wrote in my status: “Jan is Addicted to Running.” After several minutes I received several comments from friends like ‘Wow!’, ‘Marathon man’ and some others.

Jan is...

Status: Jan is...

Become a Fan of. You can be a fan of a lot of things; from your favorite movies, books to your hobbies. Of course, I wouldn’t miss this chace to be a fan of anything related to running. Instantly, I became a fan of Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Runner’s World magazine, Garmin (even if I don’t have one yet) and Takbo.ph.

Fan of Garmin and Runner's World

Fan of Garmin and Runner's World

Join a Group. Aside from being a fan you can also join a group. I immediately joined the group of Takbo.ph and some other running groups.

Fan of Takbo.ph and Joined the group

Fan of Takbo.ph and Joined the group

Promote a Cause. This is one thing that I find very appealing in Facebook. You can join a cause (e.g. charity, advocacy, etc.) and invite your friends to join or donate to that particular cause. It’s a very good way to ‘pay it forward’ so to speak. There are thousands of causes and institutions to choose from For now, I have joined the Gawad Kalinga cause.

Join and/or Donate to your chosen cause

Join, Invite and/or Donate to your chosen cause

My Nike+ Mini. Facebook allows me to add my Nike+ Mini to my page. Perhaps, this is also one of the reasons why I created a Facebook account. I tried to include it here in wordpress, but it’s not allowed. It’s a pretty good way to encourage some of my friends to get into running as well.

My Nike+ Mini in action

My Nike+ Mini in action

In Facebook, I have another tool to spread the running fever. Hopefully, I can encourage some, if not all, of my friends and realtives to go into running.

Happy Running (and a little bit of Facebook-ing)!


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