January 2009: A Great Start

I can’t believe that it’s now the end of the month. January blew by so fast. Looking back, it has been a very good running month for me. My approach for the new year and this month was to take things slowly and conservatively. It was the best way to go, especially after coming back from an injury and from a month-long running lay-off.

And I’m so glad that the approach paid off. I found myelf running consistently every week and I think I am on course to run a 21K by March 2009. I credit this to the training at the Nike Running Clinic. As much as possible, I try to attend the weekly sessions. And if I am not able to attend, I somehow try to compensate by running at the treadmill or elsewhere (e.g. UP, Fort).

Aside from my 2009 goals, I have also set some monthly goals (although I was not able to blog about it), such as:

  • Run 80 km. this month
  • Run at least 20 km. per week
  • Attend the Nike Running Clinic every week
  • Finish the Happy Run within 1h25m to 1h30m

Fortunately, I was able to accomplish most of my goals:

  • I ran a total of 103 km. this month. (Captured the screenshots at my Nike+ and Daily Mile pages).
  • I was able to run at least 20 km. for the first 3 weeks of January. The last week of January was a recovery week based from the Nike Running Clinic program.
  • I was able to finish the Happy Run with an official time of 1h23m.
  • As a bonus, I was able to join at The North Face Thrill of the Trail Run run (10K). This was my very first trail run and it was a fantastic experience.
Run 80KM (from my Nike+ page)

January Goal: Run 80KM (from my Nike+ page)

103KM (From my Daily Mile page)

January Total: 103KM (From my Daily Mile page)

Needs Improvement (I also need to improve on some goals):

  • Consistently attend the Nike Running Clinic. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend 4 sessions this month due to work-related and personal reasons. Hopefully, I can improve my attendance and participation in the clinic.
  • Don’t forget cross-training activities. When I got back to running this month, I try to do cross-training activities (e.g. bike, glidex, combat classes at the gym) at least once per week. Due to my own shortcomings (read: laziness), I skipped cross-training for 2 weeks (2nd & 3rd week of January). Knowing how important cross-traning is, I got back to it during the 4th week of January. I should improve on this for February.

I’ve got lots of ways to go and I’m just very happy that this month was a great start!

Cheers and Happy Running!


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