Upcoming Run: The Men’s Health 10,000 KM Miracle Run

This is one race that I cannot and will not miss, the Men’s Health 10,000 KM Miracle Run. Interested runners, please mark the date: March 29, 2009, 6:00 am at UP Diliman.
MH 10,000 KM Miracle Run

MH 10,000 KM Miracle Run

I first saw the ad for this run event during the TNF Thrill of the Trail Run. As I was getting the free back issue of Men’s Health, I saw a flyer about the MH Miracle Run. During The Happy Run, there was also a banner about this run event. This is about 2 months away but I just felt the urge and excitement to give advance information.  

Banner at The Happy Run

Banner at The Happy Run

 Where It All Began


This is where it all began for me. The very first run event that I attended last August 2008; the run that gave me the confidence to pursue and make running a habit. I guess, any runner would remember and look back at their first run – the nervousness of going into something new, the newbie feeling, the struggle to finish and the lessons and experiences learned from it.


I was fortunate that the events that transpired during my first run, led me to enjoy running. Quite similar from a phrase in the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho: “If you really want something, the whole world will conspire for you to have it.”


Run for a Cause


Aside from the satisfaction of running, you also get to support Tahanang Walang Hagdang’s Gulong sa Pagsulong mobility aid assistance program. Similar to last year’s event, Men’s Health will donate Php 200 for every finisher.



  • Registration starts Feb. 15, 2009 at ROX. Fee is Php 350/individual.
  • Similar to last year’s mechanics, a runner may choose from 2 options: (1) Run individually the entire 10K course or (2) Run with a partner and split the 10K (5K each).
  • A 10% registration fee discount is given if you present the February/March issue of Men’s Health (applicable to pre-registrants).

Happy Running!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds awesome

  2. Hey… I wonder who’s using run4change as his nick? It ain’t me…

    Anyways, yes… stay tuned. Men’s Health is coordinating with Run for Change to bring the Miracle Run to be held in UP Diliman 🙂

    Hi Run4Change. Yes, I thought it was you the first time I saw it. Apparently, you have the same nick. The difference I think is the ‘.wordpress’ suffix. Thanks, I’m looking forward to the MH Miracle Run.

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