2009 Running Goals and Wish Lists

A new running year begins. A new running shoe (hopefully, to keep the injury away). A net sew of running goals to guide me for the rest of the year.


In a nutshell, all my 2009 running goals aim to eclipse my times last year, to follow an organized weekly schedule and to compete in new run events. I have some wish lists as well in case I get the opportunity to accomplish them.


Here’s a rundown of my 2009 running goals:


Run at least 20K a week and/or 80K a month. I plan to maximize the opportunity to attend the Nike Running Clinic. I was not able to attend any clinics last December due an injury and I hope to catch up and train consistently every week and every month.


Run a 10K between 45 to 50 minutes. I hope to be able to break the 50-minute mark. If I can do that in a lot of 10K runs, the better.


Run a 5K between 18-24 minutes. The ideal goal is to break the 20-minute mark. But the closest I have come last year is 24 minutes. So, I hope that I can surpass that.


Run a 21K and/or a 25K. This is foremost on my mind for this year. I want to finish a 21K regardless of the time. If there will be another 25K run similar to the New Balance run at Clark, then I want to finish a 25K as well.


Run outside Metro Manila. If there is another 25K New Balance run at Clark this year, then I can accomplish 2 goals altogether. Hopefully, there will also be other run events in nearby areas (driving distance) such as Laguna, Cavite, Subic Bay and some others. It doesn’t have to be a run event. A practice run will also qualify for my goal.


Some of my wish lists include:


Run at an international event. Hopefully, I have enough budget to join the Singapore marathon.


Run a 42K. I have read a lot of marathons being organized and planned for this year. If I get to prepare well for this, then I might make a go at it towards the second half of the year.

Buy a Garmin. Again, this is dependent on my budget. Hopefully, I can save enough to buy this most sought-after gadget.


There you have it. With the proper training, consistency and dedication, I am hopeful that I can attain these goals.


Come to think of it, this is the first step in achieving my running goals for the year. By writing it down, I know that I am more pressured to accomplish these goals.

Happy Running!


One Response

  1. Oh yeah, buy the garmin. A lot of my ultra marathoner friend use them. They are really cool. And you can definitely run a marathon. Don’t you doubt it. I lost 130 lbs and ran 11. I know you can do it.

    Thank you for the added motivation. I visited your blog and it’s amazing what you’ve accomplished. Congratulations!

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